CO-OP ATM Network and CO-OP Shared Branch were created by credit unions that have joined forces to give their members the kind of financial convenience traditionally available only from big banks. All with the savings and personal service you expect from credit unions.

    This means, when your credit union belongs to CO-OP ATM Network, you can use nearly 30,000 ATM locations nationwide—and save money, because they’re all surcharge free. In addition, you’re welcome at nearly 5,000 credit union branches and over 2,000 self-service locations when your credit union is part of CO-OP Shared Branch. That adds up to convenience comparable to the country’s largest banks.

    CO-OP also offers ATMs at a variety of places you may commonly shop, including select Costco®, Walgreens and 7-Eleven® locations. As well as full-service interaction through shared branching, for those times when your transactions require more than an ATM. It’s easy to find the nearest location. In addition to this website, CO-OP locator tools include smartphone apps, text, GPS download and a toll-free number. And again, all this convenience comes with no surcharge fees from either network. It’s one more way credit union membership helps keep more money in your pocket.

    To find out whether your credit union currently participates in CO-OP ATM, CO-OP Shared Branch, or both, click here.

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    24/7 Kiosk Banking AND A HOT CUP OF JOE - It's way more than an ATM!

    Coffee CupsCO-OP Shared Branch is now available at selected 7-Eleven® stores that have Vcom® units (self service branch kiosks) where you can access your credit union accounts. You'll be able to perform many transactions you would normally perform with a teller with the added convenience of doing your banking 24/7!

    How do I find these locations?

    You can find these locations on the internet at, on your mobile device by downloading the locator app for your iPhone or Android device, or by calling the voice locator at 888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266).

    What is a Vcom® Unit?

    The user-friendly Vcom® Units have been stationed at 7-Eleven® stores from coast to coast for almost five years. They are similar to a self-service kiosk, as the Vcom® Units perform an extensive list of shared branch services.

    What types of Shared Branch services are available on a Vcom® Unit?

    • Check Deposits
    • Cash Withdrawals
    • Cash Loan Advances
    • Loan Payments by check
    • Transfers within the member’s credit union accounts
    • Balances
    • Recent History showing the last ten items that cleared the member’s account

    Is there a surcharge for a Shared Branch transaction at a Vcom® Unit?

    No, the Vcom® Unit will not charge a fee for performing a shared branch transaction.*

    *Although CO-OP Shared Branch does not charge you, the member, your credit union may charge a fee for the use of a Shared Branch location. If you use a Vcom® as an ATM you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator. In order to insure you are not charged the ATM fee, choose CO-OP Shared Branch from the on-screen menu.

    What information is needed to begin using the Vcom® Unit?

    • The name of your credit union
    • Your account number at the credit union you wish to access
    • A debit, credit or check card from any institution or a valid State ID/Driver's License with a magnetic stripe on the back

    How easy is it to access credit union accounts?

    It is very easy and secure. All the member has to do is answer a few security questions and then pick a PIN number to be used for future visits.

    Is there a location guide for the Vcom® Units where CO-OP Shared Branch transactions can be performed?

    You can find them on the internet at , on your mobile device by downloading the locator app for your iPhone or Android devices, or by calling 888-SITE-CO-OP (888-748-3266).

    How many Vcom® Units are currently available?

    There are over 2,000 Vcom® Units from coast to coast.

    Is there assistance available at the Vcom® Unit for questions?

    Yes, a phone will be available on the Vcom® Unit. It will connect members to the help desk in case there is a problem with the Vcom® Unit or to answer any questions.

    Can I access the Vcom® Units 24 hours a day?

    Yes, all 7-Eleven® stores with Vcom® Units are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    7-Eleven® and Vcom® are registered trademarks of 7-Eleven®, Inc.

    Learn about the Logo change

    CO-OP Financial Services recently announced the rebranding of the CO-OP Shared Branch network of more than 5,000 branches and over 2,000 self-service locations in all 50 states, formerly referred to as the “Credit Union Service Centers” network. Instead of looking for the “swirl” logo when visiting a participating location, you can now look for the new CO-OP Shared Branch logo. Credit unions are beginning to replace the previous logos with the new logos in all locations, so be on the look-out for the new signage the next time you visit one of the thousands of locations available to you.

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    Convenience where, when and how you need it


    We are everywhere you need to be. The
    CO-OP Shared Branch network gives you more than 5,000 branches and over 2,000 self-service locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Guam and military bases around the globe. You are never far from your money when you need it. Convenience is KEY in your busy life and we’ve got you covered.


    Many branch locations provide extended weekday and weekend hours. Our self-service locations are open 24/7 and can be found at participating 7-Eleven® stores. Plus, our member service center* is available 24/7 via our toll-free number 888-837-6500. We’re there to help you access your credit union accounts whenever you need to.


    Whether face-to-face, self-service or over the phone (if your credit union participates) we have you covered as an extension of your credit union. Simply have your credit union name, account number, and a government ID and you’ll have access to your accounts just as if you were at your home credit union. Click here to find out if your credit union participates.